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Time seems to be flying by when your having fun or working 40 hrs a week with full time school in the mix. The year is almost coming to an end to and wondering what I've accomplished actually brings a sigh of relief.

After accepting a new job position back in April, work has become a lot more hands on and expectations to provide an increase in overall profits is at high demand. I've never seen myself as a supervisor/manager, since the responsibility has always seemed daunting and I never think about what will be involved until it's presented to me. Working with several employees that you also call your friends is probably even more difficult since you take shit and try to please everyone without crossing the top bosses. Overall, you learn about yourself and about people and apply what works best.

Oh school, I loath it. In order to get anywhere you have to get that degree. I feel I've overcome some hurdles getting back into school, but at least I think I'll pass all my classes. The road to MSU gets even closer.

Month 10 of sober living in 2011 is almost half way and to say a drink on New Years doesn't sound great right now would be a fucking lie. I think the test to myself is an accomplishment in itself and now knowing my limits both high and low will be the life lesson. Amsterdam in the Spring and Munich in the Fall. 2012 is going to be fucking outrageous.

Now for what really chaps my ass - The United States government. Here is a video to some up what I have in words

I'm out B.

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