Fall's Approach On Winter

The weather in Michigan is beginning to bring the crisp cold air with the colors of autumn in each leaf that falls to the pavement. Previous autumns in Michigan were full of dull moments, mountains of homework, and a 30 Pack  of Busch Light. Seems like this time around, I'm wandering the sidewalks seeking desperately for a new tradition in a place that has stayed exactly the same since 2007.

Month 11, November, is approaching so quickly and staying true to my word of staying away from alcohol is almost towards an end. January will bring the dormant crazy inhabitance of Kerber Jones back once again to party with the students of East Lansing and rage like never before. But the lessons of sobriety has taught me to stay in moderation and only on occasions of great significance deserve the pleasure of whiskey.

Growing wise in treating my body like a temple this winter will lead to my 2012 resolution of getting jacked visually, mentally, and physically. For years I have focused solely on cardio with my jogging and running. Transitioning into free weights again and gaining that gravitas of a greek god is only the beginning of my madness. Focusing on my studies and finding that 7 year old that I once was wanting to explore new things and conquer all is the completion of pure body and mind.

The snow will fall here soon, the Spartan Girl uniform will once again come back into existence (Ugg Boots, Spandex, and the Northface Fleece), and Mr. Rager will still be trekking towards the ultimate goal - Freedom To Do Whatever The Fuck I Want.

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