Customer's Service

As the time rolls near for the holidays, this is when retailers and other companies bring out the best employees to smile, bend over, and take ridicule from rude customer. This is also known as customer service. There are the other customers who roll their eyes over the immaturity of people their own age just because they claim their wallet is the sincerest form of flattery. What ever happened to the saying patience is a virtue.

America is supposed be filled with the most intelligent people in the world. Those who take critical thinking to the max. Time and time again we see people suing each other because of stupid reasons. One example is someone didn't tell a patron that their coffee is hot. When does common sense kick in.

Belittling someone due to the fact a product does not match your needs and that a salesman didn't tell you every single detail on earth is not the point of a salesman. It's to grab what you are looking for, point you to a product, and sell it to you. If salespeople were to know the entire store's inventory by heart would be a little far fetched to ask don't you think.

I'm amazed at how we treat other offer items that may signify wealth. If we cared a little more about each other, we find that were not so different.

The world is burning and were the ones who started the fire.

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