Purging Finger Wasting for Face Time

Getting away from the constant run around of social networking during the last few weeks has led me to reconsider the actions of the weekend. For the last few months, constantly staying in and reading what others on doing on the outside while my excuse of no alcohol consumption has kept me indoors most of the time.

No escapism due to lack of having someone to share that time with can be used as an excuse, but
getting to know new people seems like the new best bet. Someone with known social skills and a character of random acts shouldn't
have a hard time finding new friends should they? I almost feel like my social skills when not being drawn out while I'm at work are non existent. The phobia of rejection and the lack of confidence to step out the bubble after closing myself over the last couple of years has brought me to now.

The social network bug has bit us all, but in my opinion, has led a generation to become anti-social. You might ask, but we share so much of ourselves. We do, but behind the mask of our iPhone, Facebook, and other technological vices. The bar has become your high school dance wall flowers with phones in their hands texting, going on Facebook, and sharing their location for sake of points on foursquare. All this technology is great when first seen, but what effects has this brought on our health. Emotionally battered in face to face conversations and lacking the realization that the world is bigger than the internet. People influence each other and those who create these new mediums shared the outcast title, but it's uses turned in to financial gain are going to bring detrimental effects if we don't start communicating.

Think about it.

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