Looking Forward

2011 is officially at a close and I'm ready to see what 2012 is ready to bring. Or what I'm going to bring to it. The emancipation from rule or govern of those who know less than I do will call for risks followed by times of uncertainty only to know that the other side will be well worth it.

To kick off 2012, Winter will be a time to explore. Just arrived back form California less than 24 hours ago and what a difference a 1000+ miles can make. Some people were off their rocker, but most just seemed happy. The gloom and doom that hangs over Michigan is just a perception from the people who live here. Finding something in the midst of grey that brings more positivity will just be one of my things to work on in 2012.

After a year of sobriety, I have broken the seal and started drinking moderately. I really don't see alcohol as something that I can have on a daily or weekly basis. To continue 2011's success, this year it's all about health; both mind and body. Hitting the gym,eating right, embracing what daylight we do have in this state and mixing it with making conscious decisions on my well being. Just had my first GNC trip for the month, another one for Gold Week soon approaching. Sounds like a toughie, but I'm usually one not to make things stand in my way.

Next up is new skill sets. Learning some solid iOS, Android, and Java developing is going to be key for me to move forward in my career choice. Aside from pursuing my undergrad in Computer Science, my love for music has also sparked my curiosity in the art of DJ'ing and learning a new instrument.

So, now what do I do with all these goals. Chase after them. Look for new ventures from me to start sprouting up. is also up for an upgrade. The blog will soon be replaced with a full featured website. My goal of this site was to bring my personal life, technology, and business into one, but that's easier said than done. So, stay tuned to more content filled site with a dab of Curtis Chude.

Thank you for reading whoever and wherever you are.

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