Nicki Minaj - Stupid Hoe (Cash Money Records 2012)

New music video from Nicki Minaj probably didn't deserve to be made. Especially with the direction of Hype Williams (Belly,Kanye West,Ne-Yo,Lady Gaga) who has recently went for the more eye-catching videos causing seizures on your screens.

The song itself I've heard a few times and just thought it was another shot directed a Lil' Kim without really saying her name. You try to match up the lyrics with assumption that Lil' Kim is always the one in question because of the responses from Kim herself. After watching "Stupid Hoe", now I feel the direction is really geared towards any female at the top. In this video, she could shooting shots at Kim or I could even see Lady Gaga - Bug Eyes.

Nicki Minaj doesn't really care if you like her rhymes. That's not a quote, but more of a narrative. When you start to see yourself as the best in everything you do, you want to expose it. Talent is there, but nothing special, but the drive is persistent. She's always trying to one up fashion - very loud. She lays lyrics that are so 'Wow' in nature for the shock and awe. Then comes the image - Super Sexed Up,
Colorful, Eccentric, and Female. It's the perfect merchandise, making her hated by the masses while implanting a cathy beat that makes the masses love it, buy it, watch it, consume it, and want more.

This video is a perfect setup for the next stage. Superbowl 2012 with Madonna.

If companies would pay millions for 30 seconds, how much would they give Nicki for 15...

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