My Tough Mudder Experience

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to enter myself into the Tough Mudder challenge.

Tough Mudder is a 12 Mile Obstacle Course designed by British Special Forces to test your strength and wit. In addition to helping your fellow Mudder is completing the course. Tough Mudder's main initiative is to assist the Wounded Warrior Foundation; helping veterans back to their feet after being wounded in combat.

Going into this challenge, I was very worried of not completing the course since I drove to Ohio on my own and knew no one. This is much different than a 1/2 Marathon as you have obstacles in front of you that tests your willpower and strength.

Climbing walls, getting shocked while crawling under barbwire, running though mud, arctic swimming,  and running up a ramp to be grabbed by a fellow Mudder are just a few obstacles to overcome. The biggest thing I took from this challenge was the respect and camaraderie amongst all the people involved.
So much encouragement from the staff and the people of Amherst, Ohio. I will definitely perform this challenge again. It wasn't easy, but was well worth it.

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