Turning the tide into a new frontier seems to be everyone's mantra these days. Taking a step back to look at my own life has been an eye opener for me in these last few days. I start to ask the questions that so many of us are afraid to ask. What's next for me or if I died today, would I have done all the things I wished for or am I going to have children. These are questions that I guess can be answered by just living, but it isn't wrong to plan.

Looking at my day to day, I realistic want something different. Finishing school, I know, will be hard work, but making the necessary steps to do so must be done first. I have a pretty well paid job, but the hours consume me and all I want to do next is rest. Trying to put life in perspective involves putting yourself first.

I think with the traveling I've been doing, my expertise, and the people I surround myself with - change may be closer than I previously thought.

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