Flyin 2 Ibiza

The day began early. Yawning after just a few hours of sleep. But this is the day I had been waiting for. A day that would start a refresh for me. Time to forget about all the dreary days and to finally enjoy myself. No alarm clock to wake me, just the thought. 5am and nothing packed yet. Head over to Meijer and get a few things before heading out. Once home, parked the car in the garage to close the door ith almost a pleasant smile. My car has started to kick rocks so not driving that for a week is going to be awesome. After packing very light, I grab my 60 cents for the bus. Head downtown to the place where I usually speak of getting baligirent but do otherwise. The bus to the airport is no where in sight. Minutes before departure, the bus and the late comers arrive. Napping all the way through and finally getting to the airport. Waiting in line patiently as others throw fits because of their own doing. Security was quick and painless. Off to chicago where I know the layover is goin to be dreadful. Text Conrad in Greece and CJ in Texas to make sure all is well. Other friends receive messages just to say hello since traveling does that to me. After gathering the boarding pass to Spain, 40 minutes has passed and a hamburger and fries with freshness and no flavor has touched my lips. Texting while the plane is slowly coming off the ground and wishing safe journey to my comrades. A plane of young tourists, old tourists, and natives fills the massive plane. Other than the funk of gas passing through my nostrils to the doing of the people in front of me - all is well.  A chance to let myself go is only hours away. Adele's 21 is just pleasing my eardrums as the sunlight is now total darkness. This is the day of travel. 

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