4am and Bored

After two days of experiencing the night life in Ibiza Town and beyond, my friends and I find ourselves exhausted in the hot sun. Weekends in Ibiza are slow and people are inside cooling down. Waiting for Monday to socialize, party, and hustle. Africans as black as tar selling sunglasses and purses while others make small talk to see you the sail boat trip of a lifetime. Is it too much to dream of a life where it's a vacation everyday. Beautiful people, great seafood, a view to put you in aw.
Wary of the nights where prostitution and drugs fill the streets in the dark of night.

The people are what make me want to join in every summer. Getting an insight into what people left behind to come work and play in Ibiza. 

Should never think of home on vacation, but always thinking on what's next has seemed to always creep into thought. Taking things seriously with education, learning java/c++, starting my own business venture. Even the idea of being a promoter after the parties i've seen here is a thought. 

The music is an escape. Pulsating beats, mainstream, underground, but the goal is unity in music. Bringing people of all colors and sizes to the dance floor. Smiles to almost make you think world peace could actually exists. 

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