Talking of Change In Tragedy

Another American tragedy was brought to our attention several days ago. The media took the moment to try and answer questions while trying to give a blow by blow of what happened.

The theater is where we go to let imagination run free and be entertained. The events that transpired in Aurora, Colorado were gruesome, shocking, and all the other words that express how we react to tragedy.

Buy why are we now talking about gun control, violence in film, and who should be held responsible. Oh wait, we have had this conversation before. But we fail to come up with any resolution each and every time and wait for the next tragedy to come around. 

Less than 12 hours later, the mass media had specials on television with heartfelt stories of survival and remembrance. I'm not one to get caught up in the hype at first sight, but watching these stories over and over on ABC, Fox, CNN, and NBC was just pure nonsense. Are we not allowed to grieve for a second before Twitter and Facebook takeover local news broadcasts. It's disheartening to know that people at the top strategically try to bring the news while seeking advertisers to make a profit during the coverage of the horrific acts.

Now James Holmes, the only suspect in all of this, will go through the judicial system, have life magnified, and his acts given commentary by those who have never spoken to him. Dozens of doctors will be on TV saying his state of mind leading up to the event. How about we start asking ourselves questions. Did this guy have someone to talk to leading to the days of this massacre, was he heavily prescribed to help 'cure' his mental illness, and when he snapped did anyone try just looking at him eye to eye. I do have sympathy for all involved including Mr. Holmes. His actions are indeed wrong, but we must change as a society or acts like these will continue.

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