Social Media,Politics, and Taylor Swift?

So with just a few months until we keep Obama or turn into Romney country, the advertising among the two campaigns has heated up. Mostly negative attack ads against each other seem to rule airwaves. But who's winning the social media fight for your vote?

Well, I won't be able to gauge that question, but from what I can see and hear...

Pandora - Romney
Hulu - Romney
Slacker - Romney
Antenna TV - Obama
Ad Choices/AdSense - Obama

With every ad on the services i use most of the time, seems like Romney has his head in the right place - wrong. With Obama on every banner ad, side ad, facebook ad, etc - Obama is making sure we see that bright smile on every page we surf. Obama's advertising on youthful social sites trumps Romney.

So, next time your jamming out to that new Taylor Swift song off Pandora, hit skip a few times and see what ad pops up. 

Enjoy some T-Swizzle below

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