Feeling Good

The summer is almost to a close and a year of self discovery has led to me becoming a better person. Tackling my anxiety head on at work with having tough discussions with employees has been step one. My next hurdle is bringing my family back together so we can help each other since these tough economic times seems to be leaving my parents in a downward spiral.

It has been months since I've spoken to my mother and father. And that's very sad and shouldn't be the case. Both of them haven't been the most perfect parents, but no one is perfect. I may not be able to fix their financial situation, but it wouldn't be so hard to be a son and make sure they're doing alright. My brothers are a different scenario and they're respect for my parents is far less. We have a unique situation where we have never been open with each other, but it has only separated us. I know they're intention were well when I was younger, but the past is now the past. Time to be the bigger man before the words that need to be said end up coming too late.

Work has been kicking my ass and I've decided to start classes again, so now I'm trying to juggle the two. Working for this retailer has been difficult as you learn how to be successful, but the failures are magnified. I'm not sure I can survive, but I'll put my best foot forward day in and day out as I'm responsible for some one's livelihood.  It can be a daunting task, but hey - one thing I've learned is to learn from challenge and change; one of the values this company has.

Well, I'm happy to all those who read my journeys, I want to give you more, so please let me know you're here and leave some comments.


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