Therapy of the Mind

Have been very busy as of late. Trying not to fall off the wagon with school and working 40+ hours a week leaves no time for myself. Seems like I've been chasing myself and catching up has been extremely difficult.

Thinking a lot about what I'm looking to do next in life. With focus shifting on school, have really been giving thought in seeking a new occupation. Never really thought I would be so conflicted about the job I have now. Just see myself going in a different direction.

Have also been dealing with my depression head on by trying to express as many thoughts on paper and exercising more. Though I defeated most of the demons that have been haunting me for years, but looks to me that I need to take time for myself and just breath.

2013 should see my travels go to Australia and China. Definitely something to look forward to.

Look out for my review on the new deadmau5, Lupe Fiasco, and Cruel Summer albums.

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