Liquid Gold

After eating like shit for the past couple of weeks, I've gone back to turning on my juicer and getting the most out of my fruits and vegetables. Last time I did this, I was surprised at how good I felt. The temptation of food did get a hold of me a little after a week. Just so there's clarity, i'll give a bit of a backdrop.

So after coming back from Spain, I decided i'll go on a diet since my body wasn't truly beach friendly. I remember watching Fat, Sick, and Dead on Netflix and wanted to give this 30 day of just juicing a try. I didn't go the full 30 since living in a college town with food literally coming to you with a click of a button. I started eating fresh food once I was done juicing, but found myself back on GrubHub and eating out a lot.

I told myself, I'd give this thing ago again, just to clean out my system and start fresh. On day 3 now and the headaches have went away and I'm not super hungry. Some may say I'm crazy for partaking in such activities, but I am the same individual who didn't drink for a year after wild and crazy years past.

Going for 10 days of just juicing, then gradually adding non processed food after. My goal os to continue this journey for the rest of 2012 and build it into my lifestyle. This will also shed the rest of pounds i've been hanging on for forever.

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