It's The Most Wonderful TIme Of The Year

After busting my ass for hours on end on the 2nd priority in my life, it has given me less time to focus on my studies and to share my thoughts with whomever reads my blog posts on Most of you may know that the brick and mortar stores are under 'attack' by the likes of online retailers. I call it more 'a sign of the times'. If I can purchase something cheaper online, i'll do so even if I work for one of the the biggest electronics retailer in the US. Could it mean that I may be out of work, sure, but what may kill me makes me stronger.
With all the blame game at work and why we aren't hitting unrealistic goals, it has made me think of how NOT to run a business. We have let computers tell us how to run a business and have forgotten the human element which is the most important. Selling the same products for 3 decades and not adjusting inventory to demand is just dumb. High profit margins no longer exist in a world that has TV's for 299.99. Customers want great service, but at the end of the day it's all about the mighty dollar and how much consumers can keep in their pockets. Taking a loss to find that median must be the first priority. Or finding that niche that no other place can replicate. The internet is a virtual destination and people still want human interaction - And they'll pay for it. 2013 will finally see my LLC take shape and hiring people to provide services for the people that work hard for their money. With so much uncertainty in my own life, it's actually great to feel a sense of change is coming and I may finally be able to pursue my dreams without worrying about a corporations bottom line.

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