Running The World

2013 is still in the the beginning stages. The cold days of winter have creeped into Spring. Runners, sprinters, first time Mudders, and race trainees will begin to stomp the concrete sidewalks to prepare for running season. Instead of preparing for a half-marathon this year, I'm going to up the ante to 26.2 miles. And that's just the beginning. The Lansing Marathon is less than a month away and upon successfully crossing that finish line, the next race will be on my mind. Liberating is one word I would use to describe mile after mile and knowing that "you've done it". Tough Mudder will be in Michigan this coming this summer. Not going to miss the obstacle race after the fun I had in Ohio last year. And after missing The Color Run last year, the Lansing Color Run will be one not too miss in my own backyard. So, are you Tough enough to hang?

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