Windows 8 (In)Visible Security Flaw

With most PC users now having to choose Windows 8 as their operating system due to having to upgrade their hardware or just moving to the now, I noticed a bit of a security issue when it comes to creating a Microsoft Account.

Most PC users are welcomed to Windows 8 with an option to sync a Microsoft Account to access the store, add e-Mail in Mail app, or to sync Microsoft Office 2013 SkyDrive and other features. A Microsoft account be created with an existing email address or a new one from Microsoft (Live, Outlook, or Hotmail).

When an existing email address is used, most people will use the same password for that e-mail address. He in lines the issue I have with Windows 8. Each time the computer boots you must enter the password of this Microsoft account. so if my email address I decided to create is and I used the same password for my Google account as I did for my Microsoft account, one quick access to your password wither by word of mouth to let other users onto your PC or from malware, leaves your personal account now vulnerable. Emails, Contacts, Calendars, and Web History can linger in your Google account, just by default.

At the end of the day, it is recommended to:

* Create a new Microsoft account, different from your existing email
* Create a local account with Windows 8 instead
* Never share passwords and enable Guest Account in Windows 8

Stay safe.

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