Feels like I've been losing sanity (and sleep) this past summer. Attempting to be social while on the most part being anti-social. Being drained by the 8-10 hour shifts at work. No one tells me to work long days, but who's going to pick up the pieces if I don't. Attempting to live a full life is surrounded by decisions on what's next and how it's going to happen. I've been comfortable for a long time and I simply hate it. Risks, adventure, and random doesn't fit the mold of college degree, mortgage, kids, and retirement. The world is my paradise and venturing off to every new land I see makes me go for another day. There's no way to be perfect. It's a false reality that's been engineered into our norm with the help of social media. Becoming rich isn't going to solve all life's problems. And as we see time and time again, it only bring out more bad than good (sometimes death). Finding myself in the midst of all the ruckus has started to quiet down the noise while I venture into territory that leaves me satisfied. I now laugh at others trying to find happiness in a get rich quick scheme. Some might find great success, but wishing upon a star without hard work and dedication will leave you with that dream over and over and over again. We are all wired differently and unique in our own way and simply looking for a cop out will catch up to you eventually. The entourage that also follows me, uses me, befriends me are now divided into these small pockets and it's easy to differentiate who shares your same ideals and the ones that just try to get by. I lay it to people straight with each new interaction that comes to fruition. We could live a lonely life, wholesome life, or a life set up with intentionals circumstances. Whichever path we choose, as long as we're safe from harm and happy - no one has the right to tell you how to live and what path to take.

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