Pushing The Human Body

Instead of getting high and eating Cheetos and fast food all day like most I know, I decided to try new things this year to be a bit more healthier. Two years ago, I did a year without alcohol and ramped up my running.

This year, I've completed the Lansing Marathon, Tough Mudder, and logged over 100 miles since Spring just on my own running rhythm. And in two weeks, i'll be doing the Color Run 5K. So, I'm feeling pretty good.

Around this time last year, I ended up watching Fat, Sick, and Dead on Netflix (might even have blogged about it). After 8 days of juicing and seeing the effects of juicing, I tried to incorporate it into my more healthier lifestyle. Since then, I've eaten healthy, I've eaten shitty, and I'm ready to try this juicing thing out again.

So, I'm at Day 2 of just juicing and I can honestly say that I'm not really hungry, but the thought of something salty, oily, and fatty makes my mouth water. My goal is to embark on a 30 Day Juicing to rid my body of all the bad shit and see if I can lose a few pounds in the process.

Always seems like we talk about losing weight, making more money, or just changing life around. I say  the hell with just talk and just get it done. I'll be posting my progress throughout July and hopefully everything is positive.

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