Glimpse of iOS 7

So throwing the developer name out is kind of early for me since my code knowledge of Objective C, Cocoa, and C++ isn't too great, but everyone starts from somewhere.

This week, Apple introduced the next OS for their iDevices. I sat and watched the entire WWDC kickoff and really didn't expect much out of Apple than a few tweaks that make Apple lovers rejoice for another year. Let's just say I wasn't expecting an update to Mac Pro and iWork. And Maverick didn't blow me away either. So, for the finale, iOS7.

iOS 7 introduces a more visually stunning interface and design. And for the 1st beta to be where it is scares me for the final product.

I'll run through some quick things that make iOS 7 great

Control Center - No need to go to systems to control brightness, turn off/on WiFI, Bluetooth. It's all tight there. Just swipe up.

Spotlight - Now at the home screen by swiping down.

Notifications - Now cleaner, looks into the next day, and is synced amongst all your devices

iTunes Radio - Pandora w/ the iTunes Store behind it. Simple as that. iAds that cater to music you listen to.

Music/Video - New design to give better control and easy on the eyes that follows the theme of iOS 7

Multitasking - Now gives you a snap shot of the app and swipe up to close. No more red X's wiggling.

Native Apps - Almost every app received a design upgrade including Safari, Camera (Now has built in filters), Siri (new voices, more commands, new design) and Apple even added flashlight with Control Center into iOS.

I don't know what to call this feature, but they're some layering with the home/lock screen that makes looking at your icons look like they're standing still, but you can see more of your customized background by the angle your viewing it at. Very cool. In addition to that, folders now accepts more icons and going into folders and apps seems like your diving into the phone. Only something that can be seen to know what I'm talking about.

Sign up for a developers account today for $99 year and you could be experiencing this as well. I hope this just makes more people start to learn code so we can start to change the world with apps. Lots of ideas out there and you never know where you can take it if you don't try.

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