There's not any doubt that we control what we can control. Why is it that we can't control the necessities of life and give everyone in the world a little piece of calm. Each day I wake up with this irritated look and a huge chip on my shoulder. I'm not one to back down from being brutally honest with people and when I get annoyed it can definitely rub off on others. Someone else's happiness makes me want to bring them to reality with all the negative sides of things.

I know - it's horrible. Why do you think I express it on here,

Started to think recently on why I am so god damn angry. I have not had a bad life even with all the shit that has happened in the past decade. Pointing fingers and making excuses for why I'm not successful is just - old news. I've traveled, I've overcame, and there's more left to go.

When I hear and see the troubles that exist in the world, I'm fucking fortunate and others need to grasp this for themselves if they're living in pity city. You have food, shelter, work, and pleasures unknown to most(especially true in a college town). It's the work that you put in that gives you the results you should expect. I'm not going to be a movie star if I don't put in the time to mold the craft. I won't be a millionaire if I don't take financial risks and plan out the prospect of failure and success.

So, when life begins to be just another bad day, ask yourself "What are you going to do to change it?" because ultimately it's you're choice.

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