ISP Killed The Video Star: Net Neutrality

Since there's soooo much talk about net neutrality (sense the sarcasm there). But this could get really messy if consumers don't act and stand for equality on the internet.

And it's already started. Imaging that 4GB data plan on AT&T being untouched while streaming unlimited movies on Netflix. Sounds great right. For just a small fee per month, Netflix will subsidize your data plan and you get to watch House of Cards while you sit on the john at work without ever worrying about that data cap.

Now Amazon wants you to get a Prime account to get that free 2 Day Shipping on that new Hyena by Jude Angelini. No problem, just 3.99 a month on your wireless bill and you can buy more books and watch anything you like data cap free.

Want to stalk that ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend and upload side selfies on Facebook and Instagram. Dropbox would love to store your data too. And you guessed it will only cost you a few bucks a month and your data plan is safe to browse the rest of the inter webs.

You probably see where I am going with this - Net Neutrality rules not being in place can shake up the wireless phone industry. And imagine trying to visit your favorite news site and it being blocked by Comcast because you haven't paid that access fee for some liberal news gossip that's not really news.

It's all part of why you should step up, be heard, and tell your friends. What's next you can't access PORN!

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