Curtis Chude played by Curtis Chude

The reality TV series that I felt I played the lead role in my own life is becoming a lot more realistic than just going through the motions. After working at Best Buy Co., for over 6 and a half years, I'm finally no longer with a company that took me for granted, slaved me through weekends and ridiculous holidays, and being treated like a second rate citizen. 

It would be easy for me to wish the worst upon a company, but I learned so much on the way business works, how to interact and manage employees, and seek the best resolution in the darkest circumstances. If I'd stayed there and felt miserable like I had been the last 3 years, I would of eventually been told to produce more to an unrealistic company set goal. 

It's now amazing to see and begin to fulfill my potential that I've left on the table for so long. Wondering if I'd ever be employed by another company, how my criminal background had made me believe I had no place to go, and being so naive to think that others cared about my well being when it was just to line their pockets with more money based off my performance results. 

Now is the time to begin a new company of my own and create something I believe will change whatever industry I set my mind to. 2014 will finally see my app in the App Store, becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, becoming a full fledged entrepreneur, and sharing more of my ups and downs right here. Did I mention have fun finally - sometime this site can be a fucking downer.

Off to San Francisco next week to explore the US a bit more. 

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