The things we take for granted. SMH.  Putting more focus on the things that do nothing for us, but create gossip and gets ourselves so worked up when a reality housewife is leaving a show. 

I sit and take back what 28 years has looked like. There's great moments. Seeing what you've become of your parents upbringing + the world you've seen, and you could really make yourself into being whatever you want. 

You don't need some bullshit book to give yourself a quick way to become a millionaire. How many millionaires do you know? Did they read a book from another dude and made it in 30 days? Shit takes time, effort, and not giving up when things get just a little difficult. 

Success is not measured in the career in the tower with your office next to Steven who graduated not soon after you. 

If you could fly away to Timbuktu- would you? What's stopping you from taking life by the sexy man (or woman) that it is. Why not give it a good go round. Fuck the living hell out of life till you can't bust anymore. 

You can become anything or you can choose to become nothing. 

- Curtis

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