Evolution Without Visual

We're evolving. Every day. We may not notice the changes around us, but it's a lot. When you stop and think about what was the same as yesterday.  Other than the fact you got up out of bed and skipped the gym cause of the previous night. Those are things that are apparent. But when you really begin to think of what humans themselves are doing, this wouldn't be happening say 20 years ago or even 5! 

We saw away with physical things. Swiping a card is now tapping your phone. The Internet of things has always been around, but now we've given devices the means to talk to each other. 

Privacy and safety are another concern that we didn't see come coming, but now we have to ask questions. The privacy policy on all these sites should be read. Who owns you? Do you even have a say? 

I'm not here to really lecture or make you think a hacker is lurking somewhere in Russia. But it's just crazy to think of the home phone, VHS players, and CD stores. This technology not only changes us, but how we adapt to our everyday lives. 

Soon health will be online, doctors can share info. There's no need for those large rooms of a paper (VA offices though are shameful). 

We are evolving and it doesn't look like the Jetsons. That's a bit away, we finally see Pluto - so there's that way of traveling. 

Life seems small, but fucking awesome. 

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