Make America Great And Go Fuck Yourself

Does the title of this post pull you? Does the idea shock you and speak to everything your currently thinking. Sensationalizing the emotions and the inner hate that's lived in your mind without speaking a peep can now be unleashed.

We're upon an election year and the choices are pretty shit. The guy currently leading the GOP speaks volumes to the state of the country. Since many people don't vote, the people listening to the Hair In Chief Trump do. That's a scary thought, yet no one has had the balls to tell this guy he's actually destroying America.

Fuck Donald J. Trump.

I still think this is all hype and this guy is just getting lucky. Let's see what the primaries hold.

I'm not pulling for the 1st woman president from either parties, and I'm not feeling the Bern, I'm fucking fed up.

Rather than get on my soapbox and rant like a commenter on YouTube, I'll simply express my dismay for the kind of electorate the citizens of the United State of Trumperia are. Pussies. You decide to follow a man that has the balls to say what hate speech has been going through your mind all this time. And nothing rational has yet to be said. Why don't we as Americans take a ride down to the hood  and others drive to your suburban Outlet Mall and have a conversation with another American. Don't worry that Mexican is actually cool as fuck and the black guy won't rob you. Even the white guy with gauged out ears and tattoos is harmless.

You'd be surprised of our similarities and the things that separate us can be discussed and consensus can be made.

It's your turn. Go make American great.

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