Holiday Insanity

The holidays are a time of sharing memorable moments with friends and family. Your creepy uncle and your obnoxious cousins rampaging through the house before someone knocking their shit in. This is what might be a typical household on the holidays. I've never really had a normal Christmas even while being raised Roman Catholic. People find this strange and almost start to feel sad for me.

Not one for empathy directed towards me and would rather no one feel pity for me and just enjoy their holiday. No one wants to be depressed during this time. Feeling sorry for another person and expressing it while they've been used makes them feel a little shitty - just saying. Could just be me.

So around this time of year, usually before Thanksgiving, I begin planning my entire next year. New years resolutions are turned into lifestyle changes and the bank of vacation hours at worked are scheduled out for over the top ideas of places to go.

I'm driven by insanity, stressful situations, and ideas of perfection. Perfection doesn't exist of course and increased stress only makes my gym visits more frequent. And in 2015, what millennial isn't insane.

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