Rebooting The Body

My insanity recently had me revisit the film Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead (can watch the full film below). I started juicing a few years ago and lasted for about 8 days on a solely juice regiment. I stay away from the word diet since what I'm doing is for a long term goal. I'm not morbidly obese, but I let go every once in a while. I'll even pull a bang bang with my roommate and laugh at the fact two delivery drivers show up at the same time. But every month I try to give at least a 3 day reboot to dump all the shit I put in my body in addition to working out.

Now, I'm going to try and do this a little longer to reboot my body and mind as I go into the new year. Just turning 29 was a little daunting. It's like "FUCK, what the fuck do I want out of life". I still don't have the entire answer, but it's becoming clearer and it's fucking exciting. Before I turn 30, I've decided to become a machine. Look good, feel good, and show people that life comes with restraint, risk, and drawing your own luck.

I'm not starving myself, but while taking in nutrients and powdered protein, I'm drinking juices mostly filled with greens. Many of co-workers find it disgusting, but I'm feeling good and testing my will power in the process.

I'll be posting updates just for a release and to update any fuckers reading this. I'll take off my shirt for a Grindr or Scruff pic, but hesitant posting it here since it's permanent until I delete it in shame. Another thing to work on - still have this fat kid mentality and body shaming is the last thing I need.


As I'm writing this, it's day 5 and I've went from 272 lbs in the beginning of December to 257 lbs on December 12th. Still exercising and weight lifting, but feeling pretty good. Please it to push 30 days on this plan and if I'm still feeling good, I'll shoot for 45 days. I'm sure people will go "you're fucking crazy"- I know this and this is why I do things like this. But to get that gay porn body, you gotta start somewhere.

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