2016 Election: The Conversation Lacking Substance

After hours of Republicans pouncing my eardrums with such political nonsense, I realize that the conversation in this country about our next president is lacking. Oozing with bigotry and "what real Americans want to say", it's just a sideshow circus going on a national tour.

We all know about Trump, so I'll leave him out of it. But what about the rest of the Republicans. Is there really no one that can stop this man. And the scarier part, there's actual supporters out there for someone who speaks such rhetoric. The Republicans look like a long campaign ad that's more like a 4AM informational. The Democrats are no better.

Hilary, Hilary, Hilary - Who Cares?

The Democrats aren't being realistic. How is a country with such massive debt going to give the farm to the middle class with raising taxes on EVERYONE. The worst part and the people who believed in Obama's promise of Hope & Change and now following this unrealistic fantasy of the Democratic Party.

It's still early, so let's see who steps up. But so far, I'm not impressed. At this point, I'm on Bernie's Team. He'll have to call himself a liberal and push the envelope a little, but that might be to Politically Correct.


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