Bey is causing a stir and white people don't know what to do with themselves.

In 2016, America is continuing to be exposed to Black America. The issues that continue to be brought to everyones attention of a race oppressed are showing up on mobile devices worldwide. Traditional media doesn't know how to cover a (viral) movement when it doesn't include an all star white cast.

#BlackLivesMatter has not lost it's edge, police are starting to be accounted for (not completely), and Beyonce can release a political message that you can dance to.

Most may not understand "when he fuck me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster". It might sound ghetto, but Black Americans know cheese biscuits can be that fire when homemade. But Red Lobster be slappin' all day.

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Its, often people fear what they don't understand. Until we get our fair shot, black people will continue to voice their frustrations, their love, and their hope for people of color. Most may not understand it, but once introduced to it, you may find what you love in life is inspired by beautiful people of color.


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