Thirst and the Penis Pic


Vulgar. Horrible. Small. Frightening. Huge.

These are just a few ways to describe when guys and girls receive that infamous dick pic on their mobile device. Men that are well endowed feel that their glorious gift needs to be seen by the masses to attract a mate. Some men know that the butterface effect is certainly a factor since no one is giving them the time of day to begin with.

The nipple has flown free for ages, but do you see women willingly sending you snaps of their snatch to start a conversation. No - because the thirst is not that real. Boobs are just boobs. Taking the chest with extra fat isn't anything to lose your minds about. The vagina though, comes in different shapes and sizes just like a penis. Some are cute, furry, and blown out, enough reasons to just leave it for an in person introduction.

Thirsty are those seeking so much attention it gets annoying. Being so willing to let go of your morals to gain attention for a quick lay. Fellas, it's time to quench that thirst and refrain from taking a picture of the laziest piece of hardware on the human body. SnapChat angles and an Instagram Filter,  wouldn't it make sense to wait patiently for the recipient to see it up close. Pictures are deceiving.

In the age of everything on your phone susceptible to being leaked, let's keep it in our pants. Catfishing isn't just that face and torso pic anymore. You really want your penis to lead to an ugly dude getting laid. That could've been all yours!

My two cents for common sense. Now let me get riled up and send someone a present... a smile.


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