Small World Difference

Arrived in Turkey about five days ago on my trip to escape the American circus that is Trump. Crazy to know that people know very well of the man trying to spread his hate to Muslims, Blacks, and Latinos alike. Engaging in American politics will prove no difference to anything here, but the entertainment brings fear and skepticism.


This hasn't and was not expected to be one of those fantasy European vacations. I got exactly as I intended of being almost invisible. Making new conversations and leaning about a place through the words of the people who make up Turkey.

It's a somewhat a country in limbo of what's next. The government is slowly reigning in certain freedoms of women and LGBT. Women covering their faces has become more evident. Where once not allowed in government and school buildings is now the opposite. The influx of Syrians has also left some cautious of what's next. LGBT rights in an Islamic state... enough said. But the number of gay people in Istanbul is bound to give the American gay utopia a run for it's money.


A few days left in the area where East meets West and still plenty to see. Experiencing a country of old with people of new is far more better than Netflix & Chill.

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