Fuck. We Have It Too Good

Why do we go through such great lengths to be a model citizen only to slowly break the rules of perfection and punish ourselves for it. We constantly are hearing that our voice counts only to see a steady move towards progress. We'll just et the others do my deed for me. We watch from a window when we're able to make change happen. Just so damn lazy to do anything. But I'll hashtag the hell out of a movement. Speaking more about my fellow Americans than anyone else. What's the worst that could happen? But everyone is damn sure to catch the premier of the new DC movie on a Thursday Midnight Showing with work just hours away in the morning.


We're led to believe if we do a few good things that life's never ending cycle will be kind to us in old age. Go to school, eat right, go to the gym, fuck gluten, have sex with only one person, don't drink, smoke, or snort anything. And if you do anything the wrong way - you're a bad person.
But you're not, you just can sleep at 6am cause you just had the best ecstasy and coke laced evening of your life.
Fuck It. Go make stories. Glut here and there, but not all of us are as stupid as we act.
Why are we living to be models for a generation already hopped up on sugar and subliminal messages in advertising. Who are we fucking kidding? The little girl now will explore her sexuality and be called a feminist at age 20 with millions of YouTube followers. The little boy eating a crayon in the corner, will be the next George W. Bush.
This could all change with a Trump presidency. But the
point is - be radical, shake shit up, and leave the world to be more free.

Fuck Normal.

Let's get our fingers out of our asses and live a little.

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