Gay Days

Private post I made a few months ago. Worth sharing 

It's Saturday in Orlando, Florida and I've decided to come here with friends to escape the normal idiocracy and enjoy Gay Days.

Plethora of men walking around in barely anything as the alcohol pours to a never ending cup. It's the final day before heading back home and now realize how dating, friends, and sex while being gay is pure anarchy.

Gay men are just pure sexual beings, always judging the men that are in front of us. Not because they have faults or have done something to expect this behavior. It's simply the dating culture that we've now grown accustomed to. Knowing that you can swipe right on the apps that crowd every App Store, we now can have this specific type of man without even meeting him. (And this goes for heterosexuals as well). A new friend of mine put things in perspective that I've never been able to grasp. Having everything at your disposal has now caused us to think no one or anything is good enough. And that they're might always seem like there's something better.

My idea of this weekend was to be a complete sexual deviant and whore and nowBut after a few fifths of vodka and seeing what lengths men will go through for attention, I've come to the conclusion of "who actually gives a fuck".

Being thrown in a gauntlet and thinking there's so much at your disposable in regards to available men only to find that your particulars and type is just not good enough can be an extremely depressing. And you wonder about are you good enough (or hot enough) to even gain the attention of even the ugliest of them all.

We've left ourselves in a position of wanting more than what's available. Slutting our way back into the pants of every opportunity just because it's there physically than what can be provided emotionally. Most of course won't admit what I've spilled out or even try to see someone outside of their ideal dream guy, but this is where we are.

So what do I do with this information and what I've experienced in these last days of Gaycation and cock featured underwear - it's best to scratch out the debauchery for more formal settings.

Would I give up being a whore and loving the title - one day. But it doesn't have to be so shallow and like being at a high school dance filled with cliques.

Maybe this is just the Tito's talking. Just how I'm feeling, so sue me.


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