We Didn't Start The Fire

Another post pulled out of the Drafts. I've been hiding in plain sight. 

Sharing is caring right? Been conflicted in my own thoughts to give that statement more significance than I have in the past years of this blog being live. (Still not sure who the fuck is reading this, but who cares - well maybe future employers lol)

The current state of affairs on this place called Earth seem to be dire. But I thought I'd give everyone some perspective and blow out the flames to those lighting the hate mongering candle.

1st of all. America is already great. So why do we have to make it great again. I'm currently able to be black, free, gay, and possess/pursue an education. Yes, there's roadblocks and some who disapprove, but I can't let the few disrupt my way of life. Fucking born in a country that most die to come too. Why would anyone die to come here. Even with all the history of people being shown the cold shoulder, there's stil opportunity to change the "norm". I no longer fit a mold for political opinions, but I at least make it known that I'm here and I will not be silenced. If I were born from the place of my ancestors, I'd probably be living in fear. So, to anyone that's considering not being part of the most free country in the world. Think twice then change the course that's blocking you from happiness.

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