Aspiring To Be Great ...

My mind has ran rampant for months on end and not knowing how to put things into complete thoughts to share here. But you have to start somewhere then develop from there. 2017 has been a long long long year. My life has changed tremendously in 12 months. Most of the changes for the better. But I still feel something missing. That void has always been empty and as I grow older at least identifying what produces happiness is becoming more clear.

End of 2016 saw a big move to The Golden State with 2017 making me officially a resident of San Francisco. I'm naturally a homebody, but there's so much to see and do in a city full of history, unique residents, and nature (who knew). Living in the Bay Area and working in tech is like peanut butter and jelly apparently. A lot of smart people all trying to make it financially and leave a stamp on the tech world. You could procrastinate here or actually do  something with yourself since sky literally is the limit. And boy is it high.

Leaving one employer that gave me an opportunity of a lifetime by moving me out to the Bay and then joining Facebook has been a surreal experience. I still get to help out people who are grateful a well to work there. But of course that's not everyone. My next step is to take all the managerial skills I've gained in my 20's and get some real projects under my belt to further advance my career. I've already started to leave an impression on some people while also trying to be a voice for those wanting change. As a place that wants you be open and to make your community better, it certainly allows me to learn, grow, and be an activator of change (for the better of course).

As the next challenge awaits at work, my social life is also taking big boy steps. Leaving Michigan, for the most part, was about the lack of acceptance in a state losing it's progressive touch. Being black, son of immigrants, and gay is a giant mix of what makes a independent liberal 'Bernie for President' guy. Even though I do share some of the old Republican ideas, there was no space to be both in Michigan. So now, I live in a liberal bubble, but at least I can be myself and be unique without being looked at weird. Plus a lot more good looking guys here. Maybe a husband out there, but not holding my breath.

So now, moving forward.

2018 just a few days away and I feel great. 31 and feeling like a 21 year old again is also a good feeling. Happy New Year to those who read and happy Holidays.

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