Too Comfortable

Was driving on the freeway being swept away in thought of what I want the future to look like. My exit was miles back, but it was a cool night for a drive. I started to think about my current situations of money strains, stress, and being just plain grumpy and wondering why do I do this to myself. I think it used to be contributed to always pushing my self for something better and never being satisfied, but the years have mended together and the progress that I set up for is still a long distance away.
I think the time has come to give away all my money, let go, and risk life. This rut will only bring me to a more 'suitable' state of mind instead of the adventure seeking man that I once was. My mind is constantly listing off the numbers and address of collectors haunting me. Ignorance is bliss, but ignorance will only add to the consequences after the bliss has been experienced.
Almost time for rest. Watching some Cosby then finishing the night off with Lil' Wayne - Comfortable. TIll next time.

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  1. don't quit dreaming. don't let your past paralyze your future, just get your mind right and hit it again. I'm excited to read more.