Getting The Spins

So, I've headed into month 6 of my social experiment and starting to realize that now is the time to get plans in gear to completely close the past and put all these procrastinated plans into play.

When your sober you see things from a different perspective. Watching some of my acquaintances lives slip before my eyes let's me know I'm doing something right. Snorting Ecstasy or painkillers, drinking fifths, and playing COD all day isn't exactly what I would call exciting. Probably smoking a marijuana blunt could ease the stress of the world's pressures, but has anything been really solved? No.

June 21 is open registration for Community College. The year break has been filled with life memories,but I have more to look forward to. More traveling, more friendships, and more experience in a world filled with happiness that is not hard to find even in the darkest hour.

This track is on repeat, but listening to the whole album might make it all make sense.

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