That's Gay: Aborted, Raped, and Murdered

So it looks like another comedian has taken the media for another ride on the 'did you hear what he said' shitlist. Seems like every couple of months some sort of uproar beings from someone letting their voice be heard on a hot button issue. I'm hear to call out the entire America public, including myself, as hypocrites of our own self hatred.

Growing up in a world starting to accept different people for who they are and not what they do made me believe in a falsehood of true acceptance by everyone that I come in contact with. Seeing racism with my own eyes, brought nights of tears and times of deep depression. I rose above it all with constant criticism of backing people's actions with opinions not to peoples liking.

Let's take for example the infamous N-Word, I mean nigga. Who am I to say that someone not black can't use that word. Being politicaly create, I should probably kick someone's ass when it's said, but how does that solve anything. Letting a word send me into rage is preposterous. Racism will always live in this world. It is our responsibility to teach others about the one's they've hates and show them the contrary. Being black does not put me on a pedestal higher than anyone else, but being black does have it's downsides compared to other people. At least I know I have to work hard to break down those walls to get where I want to be. Am I going to bitch about it. No.

The group now getting it's time in limelight is the gay community. From DADT to same-sex marriage, there is a fight within our society of acceptance towards gay people. It's so easy for people to say "Oh yeah, I have a gay friend", but when that friend is fucking your coworker that's of the same sex, they're a whole different breed of human that you might fear will try to spread infectious diseases to the masses. Let's be real when we say a big form of bigotry exists in America. We always want change, but can never handle it. We must put a label on everything that's out of the ordinary. Then if we don't like something we place hate upon it. Same with nigga, gays deal with faggot. Again these are just words, but should we be penalized because we use them sometimes for comedic relief. No.

Abortion is another thing that really pisses me off. Why can't a woman decide if she wants to carry a child for nice months or not. Pro-Life is just a political stance. There is no reason why anyone should care if you decide to end a pregnancy. Some may say you are ending a life. Who am I to say that aborting a fetus is death. It's your body, do what you please.

Going back to the beginning, making jokes of sensitive topics is the only way we can have these conversations it seems like. Everyone doesn't want to step on each others toes because they fear what they don't understand. Tracy Morgan decided he was going to let it rip on how much passion he felt towards one of his kids if they were gay. Now would he really murder his own kin due to their sexuality, but would he be happy about it, probably not. He took a situation and blew it up and someone took offense to it. So should we hang him for saying such things. No. If you don't like what he has to say, fuck off. He's not the only one that has said such things. Yes, I really would love a world full of love, peace, and happiness, but that's fantasy and people just have to realize that. Hate exists, but how we handle it is a whole different story.

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