Recognizing Reality

Haven't really posted my thoughts on here as of late, so let me try to pour some insight on the views of a male in his twenty somethings trying to discover what's next.
It's easy to become comfortable with your life when what you have going is some what working, but you know that there is a future ahead of you that is a happier place than where you are now. I wake up everyday either thinking what I have to do when I get to work or what I'm going to do with me day off. Hours on end in front of MacBook reading about new Apple products, new technology, or forum comments bashing President Obama.
I'm always telling myself that when I go back to school and finally get out my current workplace with a degree, that life will be alright. Different perhaps, but with an ailing economy in the US, how can I be optimistic. With my past mistakes over my head, will anyone actually look at me as a leader.
Moving to Europe when I complete college is a goal and it's not a decision based on dislike for America, but seeking a different social norm and putting myself in a situation where I have to be challenged and gain new life skills to be a better person.
Right now, the television is turned off and nature's voice can be heard from the open windows. My head is racing with thoughts of my future because I fear that acceptance is not their from my own peers right now will have me carrying all the weight and for how long?
Only I can answer these questions I guess, but a long road is ahead.

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