Losing Our Identity With Every Click

The internet - a place to find valuable information, communicate instantly, and see funny videos of cats doing stupid things. First a place where you needed a PC is now connected to our phones. With every camera and tweet each of us are losing our ability to stay of the grid. An embarrassing moment is now uploaded in an instant and if lucky can become news for the whole world to know.
The blatant disrespect for ourselves is the most alarming out of the whole thing. What I think we fail to recognize is that every tweet, status update, and picture upload is a signature of our lows and our highs.  It has become so easy to slander someone on the internet and sometimes they don't even know of it. It's in our nature to defend the weak, but in cyberspace, so far there is no Superman and why would there be. Media giants and advertisers love the free information. Gives them more ammo in their PR departments to target a new consumer. A time when money is tight, we still manage to buy stupid things that we don't need.
Let's take smartphones for example. This category was made by businesses to have the world in your pocket no matter your location. In no way do these devices make us smarter. Finding what year 'Whoomp There It Is' to make a point to your friends sounds like the perfect scenario for a smartphone. With each touch of a button, our cell phone providers know our location, what were searching, our contacts, when we call them, what we send them, and all that good stuff. We still have yet to ask the question where all this information goes when we press Send. Now with cloud computing on the up and up, who is going to protect your cloud before thunder strikes?
We are in an age of mobile computing, everything is wireless and passing information is so nonchalant. We still can't share with our parents what happened at that party that left a stain in their carpet junior year of high school, but exposing ourselves in a sext is alright.
The world is capitalizing on most of our idiocracy. It's only a matter of time where well trade our needs for more Facebook time.

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