Cain's Pain

The presidential contenders in the GOP have had their gaffes during this election race. We've seen the flavored of the week come and go. The most recent one to be muddled through the media and officially suspend his campaign is Herman Cain. So we've seen his old friends claim sexual harassment and the nail in the coffin seems to be an affair going on for more than a decade. If there's any truth to this madness is one thing, but what about the timing.
Let's be real, Herman never had a chance of becoming the nominee. Romney has this one in the bag unless the idiotic and egotistical Gingrich is given the holy grail. Herman Cain had spunk, new ideas, and was not your traditional GOP nominee. One factor is race, but the other was to simplify politics. Every election is filled with half promised resolutions to the county's problems. At least Cain went out and just said how it is.
So, now that Cain has dropped out, what happens to the rest of the contenders. I ask that they follow suit if they do not truly have answers on 'helping' the economy. No one can fix what were in, not even Obama. This is a country that this to itself and how the consequences are managed is a take each American has to take on. With so many still lacking knowledge of our democracy, I don't know if well see the light anytime soon.

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