The Sound: Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris

Recently, I have been listening to a lot of house and dance music. I'm getting prepared to join the world's famous dj's in Ibiza this summer. Seems like my ear has started to stray away from mainstream only to be pushed back due to explosion that is happening in the interest of dance. Who would of thought 20 years ago, music by Skrillex would be Grammy Award winning material. Of course, pop radio uses the formula for every record just to see more sales, but what about the artists behind the artists?

I've now got my ear on Calvin Harris aka Adam Wiles. Recently his hit with Rihanna, We Found Love, blasted to the top of the charts with the catchy beat and a transition into pure euphoria of dance. And with Rihanna's sex appeal, there was no denying this track.

Ne-Yo has now collaborated with Calvin Harris and this track has been in my Top 10 for 2012 thus far. You can't deny it. Just like the Rihanna track, you have the beat guiding you into a musical experience. Even the track without Ne-Yo's vocals can be seen blasting through the speakers of your favorite nightclub.

Also, check out the track Bounce with "Milkshake"r Kelis.

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